Meet The Cast Of The New Peacock Dating Series 'Queens Court'

Looking for love is a journey, and in the new Peacock reality dating show, “Queens Court” three famous, single women are in search of their new Kings. The show, hosted by actress Holly Robinson Peete and her husband, retired NFL quarterback, Rodney Peete, premieres in March. According to the official press release, the duo is “guiding the Queens through the ups and downs of dating 21 confident and successful prospective suitors while they develop a sisterhood supporting each other on their ques

Who’s Who On 'The Traitors'? Meet The Famous Cast Of The New Peacock Competition Series

“The Traitors'' is a competition show that features 10 reality television celebrities who are known for competing or being generally shady. Trust is the name of the game in the new Peacock competition series “The Traitors,” which pits contestants against one another to figure out who are "The Faithful" and who are "The Traitors." The series — hosted by beloved actor Alan Cumming — stars 20 cast members, 10 of whom are celebrities who may look familiar because they have appeared on other reality

6 of the Most Common Belly Button Infections—and What to Do About Them

No one wants an infection in their belly button, but there's a lot you can do about them. Ah, the belly button: It's cute to get pierced (and cute in general!) but you may want to be aware that the area is also a breeding ground for bacteria and can lead to belly button infections. “Belly buttons are basically some very convoluted and deep skin folds. They can certainly carry staph and strep and in the right setting these can become infections,” explains Cleveland Clinic dermatologist Dr. Amy

She's Funny, But Her Relationship Is Serious! Meet Maya Rudolph’s Other Half, Director Paul Thomas Anderson

Whether it’s in Saturday Night Live special appearances as Vice President Kamala Harris, or gracing the big screen, actress Maya Rudolph has the gift to make us all laugh hysterically. She’s co-executive producer and starring in the Apple TV+ show Loot which premieres on June 24, 2022. She plays a woman named Molly Novak who lives with her billionaire husband John (Adam Scott). While Rudolph is playing a wife onscreen, who is filling the role of her “husband” behind closed doors? It’s awards se

A Tale of Two Heroes! Meet Chris Hemsworth’s Wife and Action Star, Elsa Pataky

Chris Hemsworth may be known as the God of Thunder on the big screen, but at home, he puts the hammer down and takes on the role of husband and father. While his wife of more than a decade may not be as well-known as her superhero husband, the couple has still managed to maintain some privacy and keep their relationship and bond as strong as Thor’s throwing arm. Elsa Pataky has been by Hemsworth’s side well before he became the God of Thunder and one of the Sexiest Men Alive. Hemsworth’s career

From 'Mad Men' to Madly In Love! Meet the Romantic Lead of Jon Hamm’s Life, Anna Osceola

Jon Hamm starred in Mad Men as the infamous yet mysterious Don Draper, graces the big screen in Top Gun: Maverick as Beau “Cyclone” Simpson, the current head of the Top Gun flight school and a skeptic of Tom Cruise’s Pete “Maverick” Mitchell. While his onscreen romantic heroes and leading men have their own cocky swagger, his personal life is much more low-key. It’s hard to keep relationships hush-hush in Hollywood, but Hamm and girlfriend Anna Osceola have done just that by not having a social

30 Black Americans to Celebrate During Black History Month

Every Black History Month, pioneers in African American history are often mentioned like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Muhammad Ali, Harriet Tubman. They are revered and in the spotlight because they are on stamps, calendars, and even quoted in political speeches. But what about the other unsung Black history heroes that have opened doors, fought for freedoms, and even invented techniques used in healthcare today?

What is Palo Santo, and How It Can Help Your Wellness Journey? Here's Everything You Need to Know

As we enter the third year of the pandemic, many are looking for ways to boost our immune system and to alleviate the stress of remote working and learning. For thousands of years, ancient healing methods that involve crystals, oils, and even sage are now more in the forefront. While it’s no replacement for seeing a doctor or seeking out therapy, one healing property you may want to add to your arsenal is palo santo, a wood that has historically been used for medicinal purposes.

Navigating the Noise Around Wedding Planning: How to Focus on What Really Matters - Zola Expert Wedding Advice

Planning a wedding can be exciting—and, at times, stressful—and as a couple, you want your vision for your big day to come to fruition exactly the way that you dreamed of it. However, there can be times when family and friends offer some help, even at times overstepping boundaries, creating a whole other heap of stress on your plate. It’s the familiar adage of having “too many cooks in the kitchen,” when a group of enthusiastic and sometimes pushy people try to plan anything. Except, this time

Who is LL Cool J’s Wife? Meet the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Member's ‘Around the Way Girl,’ Simone I. Smith

On NCIS: LA, James Todd Smith, known professionally as LL Cool J, takes on criminals as special agent Sam Hanna, but acting is just one of the star’s many talents. LL got his start and rose to fame as a hip-hop legend with songs like “Bad,” “Mama Said Knock You Out,” “I Need Love,” and many more garnering multiple accolades and awards—including becoming a 2021 inductee into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. (He even donated the red Audi that’s on the cover of his Bad album to the Rock Hall.) One of L

'We Have Every Right to Ask the Right Questions and Get Answers'—Yvonne Orji On Raising Awareness Around Triple Negative Breast Cancer and the Disparities Black Women Face In Healthcare

Before Emmy-nominated actress Yvonne Orji kept us on edge as Molly on the critically acclaimed comedy series Insecure, she obtained a master’s degree in public health from George Washington University. Now, she’s using her public health background and platform to shed light on a form of breast cancer called triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC). To help raise awareness, Orji partnered with the pharmaceutical company Merck to host a three-episode web docuseries called Uncovering TNBC,

'I Had Iron Infusions to Treat My Severe Anemia'—Writer Shameika Rhymes Opens Up About Her Health Journey

Shameika Rhymes is a North Carolina-based writer who writes about wellness, pop culture, lifestyle and culture. Here, she shares her journey of using iron infusions to treat her severe anemia. “Your fibroids have grown and your iron is low.” I stared at my gynecologist trying to understand what she was saying to me. This couldn’t be right, I had a myomectomy in 2013 for 10 fibroids, and had low iron after the surgery. But my iron was normal now, wasn’t it? How could I possibly have low iron? I

25 Professional Development Goals You Can Pursue Right Now

Advancing your career takes work inside and outside of the office. That includes reaching milestones that you set for yourself to gain traction to get to your career destination. Professional development goals are one way to gain more experience and improve your skills in the workplace by setting long-term or short-term goals that are realistic roadmaps you can plan out for how to achieve or launch your career in five to 10 years.

Meet the Woman Who Could Accept Chadwick Boseman's Oscar This Weekend and See Inside Their Marriage

The Oscars get underway this weekend and one of the actors expected to win is the late Chadwick Boseman. He is the seventh actor to ever receive a posthumous Oscar nomination. He has been nominated for the best actor award for Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom. Boseman died on August 28, 2020, in his home in Los Angeles after a four-year battle with colon cancer. His family confirmed his death in a post on his Instagram at the time.

Try Not To Laugh Along With the 41 Best Black Comedy Movies of All Time

Black history is something we should all certainly take seriously. But when it comes to Black history in the entertainment industry, credit is due to some comedic legends Richard Pryor as much as it is due to history-making Oscar winners like Sidney Poitier. Black comedy movies have paved the way for legendary actors, comics and creatives like Tyler Perry, who may have started with Madea but has gone on to bring the Black experience to the large and small screen in dramatic form.

The Super Bowl Halftime Show Wasn't Always a $7 Million Masterpiece—We're Breaking Down Its Humble Beginnings

As The Weeknd prepares to take to the stage for the 2021 Super Bowl LV Halftime Show sponsored by Pepsi, he is following in the footsteps of many performers. And he’s shelling out $7 million dollars for the show to make it what he envisions. Because, if you haven’t noticed yet, halftime shows aren’t just for a bathroom break or to refill your snacks. It’s the time to tune in and see what over the top performance will have folks talking until the next Super Bowl.

From Soul Train to Living Single to Insecure, These Are the 29 Best Black TV Shows of All Time

Black shows have existed on television for decades, with the Civil Rights Movement being the catalyst that helped to break barriers for Black people in the television industry. The 1950s introduced shows like Beulah, notable for being the first sitcom to star a Black person, and Andy ‘n’ Amos. Both shows were controversial for their caricatures of African Americans. As television evolved with the world around it, Black shows transformed from depicting Blacks in service roles to shining a light

Zone·tv and Check the Rhymes Deliver Transparent and Authentic Interviews to the Zone·ify Expression Channel | zone·tv

TORONTO, CA – October 28, 2020 – Zone·tv continues to add unique programming to its zone·ify multi-channel video service through a licensing deal with Check the Rhymes. Shameika Rhymes is a creative and bold online personality with over 20 years of experience reporting on various facets of journalism for major media outlets. As the owner, host, and creator of Check the Rhymes, Shameika interviews influential people on thought-provoking topics. The content provides an intimate perspective on he
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